About Michelle

As a creative person, I love to use my gifts and talents to encourage those around me to pursue their dreams and never give up. Along with being a Songwriter and Writer/Author, I’m also a Speaker and provide “Keynote Concerts” for events and business conferences. 

Music and songwriting have been a part of my life since the age of 11 when I wrote my first song. My hope is that my music touches your heart and rests your the soul, inviting you to linger a while – like a good friend. 

As a singer/songwriter, I always have a melody in my head, a tune on my mind and lyric written down on a napkin or notepad. Stories are waiting to be told, encouraging thoughts are waiting to be said. What a blessing it is to be the one who composes rich and meaningful melodies. I often tell people I get “downloads” from God. And really that’s exactly the way it feels. I will suddenly have a melody, a story, a complete song…and within an hour or two, I’ve penned the entire piece with no struggle to rhyme this word with that phrase, etc.

This is my gift from God. And it’s my joy to share it with you. I have the honor and pure joy of writing songs and pros, then to see people being touched by them. And so many who come up to me and say, “that song was written for me!” Wow!

I’ve written over 150 songs and counting. My first 5-song EP was released in November of 2013 with more in the works.

I am currently working on three writing projects and can’t wait to share them with the world.

I’m a big kid at heart and I’m not sure if I’ll ever really grow up. I’m having too much fun.  And I want to spread that joy for life to those I meet.

Things about me:
I’ve been married for 31+ years to my amazing best friend, Michael Lucas. We have three awesome “adult” kids, Amanda, Chris and Sharon. Our oldest, Amanda has four kids! So guess what?!!! I’m also a grandma and proud of it!

I love having:
One of my favorite things to do is spend time with good friends, so I love having “girlfriend time”!  My best friend, Camille is a source of strength and encouragement. I pray that everyone can a sister/friend like is to me.

I’m happiest when:
I think I’m happiest when I’m creative, especially with music sharing my songs or leading worship. That’s where my happy place it.

I once was a:
I’ve had lots of different jobs over the years, including a children’s entertainer where I was Cinderella, Barbie or one of many princesses for birthday parties and events. So much fun!

Future Goals:
I think everyone should have a vision of their future, something they are reaching for. My vision is to get my books published this year and continue my career as a Speaker and Songwriter.  Maybe even a Life Coach… My desire to help others fulfill their potential and live an amazing life pursuing their dreams and goals.

“If you can’t laugh at yourself,
someone else will.”
Michelle Lucas

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