Keynote Concerts

As a speaker and singer-songwriter I can deliver both your keynote and a concert wrapped into one: a Keynote Concert. It’s an amazing combination of talking points bringing your message to the audience as well as an entertaining concert with original songs to help your audience retain what they’ve heard!

Music is a powerful tool that both keeps the audience engaged as well as creates a positive memory and experience. Instead of the same, sometimes boring keynote speech, take it up a notch and provide your employees or conference attendees with an “experience” they will never forget.

I can create a custom message for your event or you can choose from several, proven topics.  As an added bonus, I can also write a custom song just for your event or theme. You can’t beat music when it comes to making a message stick! I bet you can still sing some of the jingles from your favorite brands growing up!

Ahhh, you were just singing weren’t you? Why do you remember them after all these years? Because music stays with you. “I just can’t get that song out of my head…” sound familiar?  Now, how about that song is your message, your company mission statement, etc. Now all your employees or attendees will be humming your mission statement, reinforcing your goals without even having to think about it.


Uniquely You

You’ll laugh, cry, sing-along and be lifted up as Michelle takes you a journey to find Uniquely You!  Discover why it’s so important to celebrate and even capitalize on the unique gifts, talents, character and personality that make up the one and only you!  Your uniqueness is the key to your success!

Passionately Pursue your Purpose

Ever wonder why you’re here, what your purpose is? In this powerful keynote, you’ll learn the steps to target your purpose and pursue it with passion. You were made on purpose for a purpose!

Life’s Great Road Trip

Do you sometimes feel that life is just one long road trip that never ends? You’re in the fast lane but you’re not getting anywhere?  Or do you feel like you’re moving forward, but life seems out of focus – without a clear path to where you’re going? In this interactive and entertaining Keynote Concert, you will learn tools to help you focus and stay on track towards your dreams and goals. Through inspiring original songs and life tools, you’ll start thinking, talking, writing and moving towards your dreams and goals!

Music & Art

Michelle’s CD’s are available for purchase as well as prints from her photography and art. Attendees will love taking
 home these 
original prints
 and CD’s to remember an
 awesome day with Michelle!


60-90 Min
Get the party going!

1/2 Day Seminar
Life tools for success

Full Day Seminar
Look out world,
Champions are being made!

1-3 Day Retreats
ReJOYce & ReNew

 “The moment we discover our purpose in life is the moment we truly begin to live.”
Michelle Lucas

Contact us for more information, fees and to schedule a free consultation.  Michelle Lucas will make a great fit for your next event, conference or retreat.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by moments that take our breath away